London based Laya Laya are a Vocal Electronic Music duo, who have been placing their mark on the music industry since the release of their debut single ‘Vampire’ earlier this year. Originally connecting in 2017, the pair have brought their artistic talents together to develop their unique fusion of Electronic, R&B and Pop music. Making their return with ‘Tiger’, Laya Laya delivers yet another masterpiece that showcases their creative genius.

Immediately drawing you in, ‘Tiger’ starts with a gentle instrumental over faint bird song that acts as a sonic introduction to the track’s jungle setting – filled with an eclectic blend of Synth and Electronic beats setting the song up for a vibrant and immersive soundscape.

When the chorus beat drops the track takes on a more urban,  high-energy and tougher dimension with a catchy hook, a diversion from the London duo’s characteristic dreamy, spacey sound.  The track culminates in an impressive rap verse by Apple Beats 1 featured ‘trime’ artist St3ph,  a former studio mate of the duo,  who shows off a skilled 8 bar flow with a machine gun delivery that takes the track to an even higher level. 

“We both have a shared feeling of not fitting in anywhere- always between worlds- and that sense of not belonging is reflected in our sound. We kind of live in no mans land somewhere between alt pop, RnB and dance”

Laya Laya describes the meaning behind Tiger as not being able to deny someone, or something’s true nature; “ You can’t ‘love away’ the true nature of a tiger, no matter how beautiful it is or charmed you are –  a tiger is always dangerous.  The chorus lyrics ‘Tiger Tiger don’t make me a fool’ encapsulates the naivety,  and thrill,  of being with a person you know is no good for you.

Both London born and raised to Indian parents, Freya was a member of House Gospel Choir, while Super Joshi was a former BBC Music Introducing Artist. Their first soft release, ‘Vampire’ received plays on national BBC Radio and their subsequent tracks ‘Gravity’ and ‘I Can Feel You’  have received tens of thousands of streams, multiple playlist support and coverage in key media such as Clash.