After a handful of high-profile collabs over the past few years with the Sex Tags crew, Skatebård, Fabrizio Mammarella and fellow Tuff City Kid Gerd Janson; prolific producer LAUER sounds energized to be back behind the wheel for a solo spin—his first LP since 2018’s “Power.”

On new LP “Answers 2 Trouble” (out April 2 on Permanent Vacation), the Frankfurt- based musician once again delivers the goods: Nine tracks stuffed with elite beat making and delicious, 80s-influenced songcraft, drawn together by clever arrangements and expert pacing.

All the Lauer hallmarks are on show: Flashes of modern house and techno, a few drops of acid, layers of gorgeous synths and those wistful melodies that recall an era when New Order played live on “Baywatch.”

First single, ‘Altalenanti’ ft. Fabrizio Mammarella, OUT TODAY is the perfect taster with its Italo styling and unabashed ‘feel good’ vibe. A mood that flows throughout the album, making it the perfect antidote to the last twelve months.

Tracklist :

 a1: Lil Forci Jr. 

 a2: Ghost feat. Jasnau 

 a3: Switec 

 a4: SNNO 

 b1: Make It Stay feat. Dena 

 b2: Valentino III 

b3: Altalenanti feat. Fabrizio Mammarella 

b4: No More Push-Backs 

b5: Fait Accombli