Although we are barely into the fourth month of the year, Sasha’s label Last Night on Earth has already wowed with multiple forward thinking releases, such as Ejeca’s soulful Frequency EP and Droog’s collab work with Inxec, Wide Open.

Budding talent and recently named DERELICHT resident ThermalBear kick-started the month of March with Could Be Nice, which combines a myriad of styles to complete this four-track gem.

Starting the EP off on a particularly energetic note, “B3” embraces soaring percussion over a wobbly bass groove and retains slight atmospheric subtleties. Slipping back into the house tempo and feel, “Don’t Bear Touch It” utilizes a fresh, recurring female vocal sample and deep enveloping bassline, reminiscent of the impeccable production of Mark Kinchen.

The whispered and rounded male vocal echoes in “Dunj” bring a deeper tone to the EP. The reelease concludes with “Phone,” which, although slower in pace, has a trance-like intensity with quick synth key accents and a slew of builds and accelerated drum hits.

Wrapping up the month, Last Night on Earth keeps the momentum going with Swedish tech master Joel Mull’s EP, Tracks of the Night. The transparency of the title fits the content perfectly, as these songs were definitely inspired by, and perfect for, the nocturnal party scene.

Mull’s four selections have a bit more consistency than ThermalBear’s, with a steady pace and unabridged, kick-heavy techno goodness running from start to finish. “Track of the Night” does not seem to quit, with an infectious driving beat adorned by claps and hints of wind instrumentation at the edge of the soundscape. “Open” is spirited, enriched with high hats and a gripping bass that offsets the drifting, revolving voices and occasional lazer zap.

“Tintin’s Journey” brightens the tone with a melodic quality among atmospheric builds and uplifting twinkling synths. The intensity of nightfall is brought back with “Towards the Sun,” as prominent high hats and understated gongs guide the deep bass through into the morning.

These two EPs are close in age, yet comprise such different sounds, calling attention to the genuine motivation of Last Night on Earth to provide a diverse scope of cutting edge electronic music for those willing to listen.

Purchase ThermalBear’s new EP HERE.

Catalog No.: LNOE017

Purchase Joel Mull’s new EP HERE.

Catalog No.: LNOE018