[Release]  John Digweed‘s label, Bedrock Records, may be better know for their techno and progressive sound, but as many labels have done lately, they join the deep side with their latest release from Kurtz & Bomber.  Already releasing an incredible single for Bedrock a month earlier, we get their first EP for the label, Work On Me.  An incredible four-tracker of all original material, this is one release you are not going to be able to put down.

The title track, ‘Work On Me,’ is a seductively deep track with a wicked groove.  ‘Such A Rush’ is abysmally dark and divine with its enchanting melody, haunting bass, and lush vocals.  ‘Forever Forever,’ in a classic bedrock style, is an uptempo heart-warmer with a splash of progressive.  Released a month earlier on Bedrock 14, they finish off the EP with the wonderful track ‘Never Sleeping.’

A great release from start to finish, this is one record that you are going to want to add to your arsenal.


Artist:  Kurtz & Bomber
Title:  Work On Me EP
Label:  Bedrock Records
Catalog No.:  BEDDIGI26

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