The ending of summer doesn’t always have to be a sad, melancholy affair – the party keeps going with this new release by Union Jack Records favourite Kosmas, who helps give a happy send off to another crazy season with 2 original tracks and 4 equally stellar remixes, supported by new and familiar names alike. This is Kosmas’ first full release and after having provided amazing remixes and an excellent original to the Future Funk collection, this suprasses expectations. Intentions: Kosmas’ original Intentions is a bumpy tech house track, with a groovy deep house bassline that is a game changer in your party night – euphoric effects and a happy lead makes for the kind of track that gets your dancefloor going and gets people to realize it’s time to pay attention. In contrast Lonely Boy left behind the Deep House aesthetic in his take on Intentions, and instead focused on a smooth groove that gets your shoulders bumping with the doubled up kick, creating movement and energy in an otherwise minimal track that lets you take your night where you wish. Einsauszwei is the most stripped down version of Intentions – a classic kick, snare and clap starts your night with long intros and outros making it the quintessential tech house track, created with the intention of being part of a greater whole. The third remix comes from none other than Memo Insua, UJR label boss himself along with Damian Uzabiaga, who has been having a solid year of releases on various labels. This remix is the most driving of the bunch with a hypnotic and melodic bassline and progressive leads that take your crowd to the next level of the party. This remix showcases UJR’s unique melodic, progressive sound that makes it stand out from the rest. Red Plastic The mood changes with Kosmas next original Red Plastic – the name agrees with the darker, rougher tech house sound but keeps it dance floor friendly with a warm bassline and moving leads, waving in with it the change of the season and feel of the music that comes with it. Santiago Garcia’s version of Red Plastic leaves summer behind for good – a dark, grimy tech house banger with techno undertones, Santiago brings you into the dark rooms and late nights, reminding you why winter can be just as good as summer.


Artist:  Kosmas
Title:  Intentions EP
Label:  Union Jack Records
Catalog No.:  UJR033