Kiasmos first blasted onto our radar back in 2014, after releasing an absolutely stunning self titled LP that took us on a journey that we never quite returned from. The Icelandic duo have mastered the balance of keys and strings blended perfectly with electronic sounds and percussive buildups that produce chills from start to finish. Since then the boys have had two equally as impressive releases, continuing their march towards auditory domination.

Tale of Us clearly got wind of the Nordic genius that was taking place, having their hand at a remix for their latest release ‘Swept ‘. In typical Tale of Us fashion, the track plummets into the darkness, creating a pulsating techno track that is guaranteed to please.


Artist:  Tale Of UsKiasmos
Title: 2015-11-10
Label:  Erased Tapes
Catalog No.:  ERATP078DLRMX

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