Khainz ! Amazing to have you back on Music Is 4 Lovers. Congratulations on the launch of your new label Module Music. Can you tell us a bit about why you decided to set up your own imprint ?

Thank you for having me again!

Often when I sent music to labels I didn’t get a reply (often the tracks didn’t even get listened to), so it can be a very long process from producing a track until it’s getting released. I prefer to have my tracks out within a couple of months while they’re fresh for me.

With my own label I have the things in my own hands and can be sure that necessary things like promotion are done the right way! I also like to support new talents because I know how difficult it is as a new artist to find a label that actually signs unknown talents and puts effort into a good release package!

The first release comes from yourself, would you say this sound of yours differs to when you release on different label ?

Not really, I just picked the newest tracks I wanted to release!

How did the remix from Jiggler come about? Can we expect to hear more from him on the label?

Jiggler is a friend of mine and he always has been one of my favorite producers, so I simply asked him if he’s up for remixing my track for the first release on my own label. I hope we can hear more of him in the future on Module Music but we have nothing signed or planned yet!

Have you had a chance to test this release out on the road ? If do which track seems to pop off the most ?

I always test my tracks on the road! I couldn’t tell which one pops off most as all of them have a quite different vibe and work well on the dancefloor!

Who else do you have lined up for the next releases ?

Mostly newcomers; Ever Tapia from Mexico collaborating with One Shot from israel (including a remix by me), Jonn Connor from the US, LaBaaz a friend from Switzerland, Strobetek from Germany and myself!

Can we expect to see label showcase events in the future ?

I have nothing planned on that yet, as I’m busy touring and not really have time to promote/organize a party. But you never know!

What more can we expect to hear from you for the final few months of 2022/beginning of 2023?

Releases on ICONYC and Module Music. There are some new collabs that I’m not really able to talk about yet. Plus Touring India, Brazil and Australia.

Thankyou Khainz, any final words ?

Thanks for having me again!

Khainz’ ‘Running High’ is available here