Being young in the world of DJ’ing is nothing new. Being able to separate yourself from the rest of the pack is what it takes nowadays, when age no longer means a thing. At the age of 23 Kevin Over has clearly separated himself from the pack and his music does all the talking for him! Whether it’s a more in your face techno cut, or a warm house groove he seems to be comfortable wherever he ends up musically, and it shows with releases through Noir, Snatch!, and Get Physical to name but a few.

Retrovision Pt. 1, his most recent effort for Noir, sees him wrap up some clean-cut house tracks in warm synths and a variety of keyboard instruments, which are layered over some groovy basslines, that make sure each track is a bit moody while still packing quite the punch, making for three dance-floor friendly tracks. These three original tracks are then paired with two expertly crafted remixes that we saw from Over’s previous releases from Noir, which includes Marc DePulse’s no-holds barred take on “Jack Back”, and Frag Maddin’s dark and groovy version of “When Anger Grows”. This EP expertly displays one side of Kevin Over’s that we can’t seem to get enough of: expertly crafted house cuts with a dash of warmth and a touch of raw that makes us smile from ear to ear. With this EP out now on Noir Music, you too can find yourself smiling from ear to ear!


Artists: Marc DePulse, Frag Maddin, Kevin Over
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Labels: Noir Music
Catalog: NMW067