Mother Recordings welcomes yet another addition to the family. Kevin Knapp, who not only is one of the hottest dance music vocalist/MCs out there today, but whos also become a formidable producer in his own right. With a combination of collaborative and solo releases on OFF, Hot Creations Leftroom and Gruuv Kevin is one to watch in the coming years in the Berlin underground and across the Globe. 01. BRING WEIGHT (Original Mix) The track is quite simply built around pressure, the weighty pressure that weve all enjoyed so much over the years in Knapps DJ sets. Unapologetic, rough, nuanced moments of funk, introspection, hope and push back that create an earnest dance floor energy that will keep even the most chill of dance floors bumpin 02. MOXIE (Original Mix) Title track of the EP Moxie possesses more subtlety than the name purports. The stern groove demands your full attention whilst floating atmospherics create an immersive world somewhere between dreamland and the street corner. All the while interlaced with a vocal that intermittently reminds listeners that Kevin intends to keep his game on lock everyday all day long.


Artist:  Kevin Knapp
Title:  Moxie EP
Label:  Mother Recordings
Catalog No.:  MOTHER026