Keine Moniker comes to Motek Music with a stripped back, punchy, vocal driven production. ‘Lonely’ takes shape with an Indie/Deep vibe, simple in makeup, laid-back in feel and keeping real dance floor appeal. With straight up percussion adding swing by way of the snare and fast moving hi hats, space is left for the crisp rising vocals, provided by JR Burnside. Along with the kick, the bass provides the real weight, movement and main instrumental tune to the track, which is finished with floating string synths, adding to the spacious atmosphere. Remixes come from brothers Brodanse, duo Low Tide with a vocal and instrumental remix and Navitas. Brodanse have given the track the most up front feel, t aking it up in tempo and adding current and cutting House and Tech features. Most notably the bouncing bass line, mirrored by the plucked high synth, and the brassy textured stabs. Swinging House style hi hats, rides and shakers add variation and drive to the track, whilst the vocal, through it’s editing, provide unique and appealing stab and FX elements. Low Tide have delivered their signature sound to this remix. Melodic and ambient textures wash over grooving and warm kick and bass parts. Straight up 16th note hi hats add movement to the track creating the intriguing feel of slow, yet driving music. Woody percussion textures setback in the mix provide swing amidst the variety of swirling, airy pads and bell synths. Finally the leading instrumental parts take on a grainy, almost oriental feel, culminating in a big saw bass lead opening up in the main break, sending the production to it’s peak. Finally Navitas delivers a deep, almost moody take on the original. Rhythmical and low pad bass tones adding the weight whilst low vocal textured pads add depth. Swinging hats, shakers and tambourines complete the groove, laying the foundations for the main features of the track. These include a bright plucked bell toned lead on top of shimmering synths and string pads, opening up and developing as the track progresses.

Artist:  Keine Moniker ft. JR Burnside
Title:  Lonely
Label:  Motek
Catalog No.:  MTK003
Release Date:  13 October 2014