Catch Recordings is one of the most interesting techno labels out there right now. Here it serves up its 12th terrific release, this time from JXTPS, a Melbourne artist who works under many different names. Here he serves up three sizzlers. 

The pick is Sing Song, a brooding, sad techno track that feels like the first sounds following an apocalypse. It is devoid of human life and speaks of a bleak future in truly evocative style. Elsewhere the likes of Resolute Void is a zoned out, dubbed out techno roller that is widescreen and cinematic. It’s a great one to set the mood and get people locked on, then Tactics is a rumbling, heavyweight cut with knotted drums and sci-fi effects surging through the galaxy. This is warm and atmospheric techno at its finest. 

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JXTPS – Sing Song EP

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