Listen to “Mother” (juuku flip)

Coming off his debut EP, Warmth, which has quickly received attention from everyone, Juuku is back with a remix of his own. This time on Porter Robinson’s track titled, Mother. Robinson has been an inspiration to Juuku early in his career as his music stemmed from Porter. Juuku has also made it known that he is a huge fan of Porter and this remix is the Porter Robinson track he has remixed. The first Porter Robinson track that he remixed was “Sad Machine”, where you can immediately feel Juuku’s presence, and this second remix feels the same if not better!

The timing could not have been better as Juuku released this on May 9th a day before Mothers day. This remix is a tribute to his own mother who raised him and made him the person he now is. The remix is a perfect mixture between the raw sound of Porter sound with the touch of Juuku’s twist. Juuku added his well known chops and high frequency synths which certainly give the song an uplifting feeling and get you in the mood to dance. The high-frequency synths definitely make the song feel more personal. 

Juuku shared his thoughts on Porter Robinson’s album, Nurture, and talked how listening to the album made him feel and reminded him of his mother and everything she has done for him. Juuku said, “it just made me think of all my mom has done for me to bring me into this world and grow in it. I wanted to pay tribute to my mom and how this song felt by putting my own interpretation into it by letting my emotions take a drive on the production”. 

Juuku definitely put his mysterious, yet magical touch on this remix. I hope we can keep getting these remixes from Juuku so we can keep us dancing all the time!

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