Electronic producer Juuku is continuing to build buzz around his name as he has just released his latest single, “Closer”. In a follow up to his previous release “Euphoria” on RL Grime’s collaborative Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 album, Juuku continues to demonstrate his ability to blend different electronic sounds to create an ethereal sounding atmosphere. Closer is a representation of this in its use of angelic vocals weaved with mind-bending synths and hard-hitting percussion. The track includes a special visual representation as well, giving listeners a full audio and visual experience.

Closer tells a relatable story about overcoming the feeling of defeat and rejection. Juuku had come to the realization that he had to start holding his passions and dreams close to himself and to not let them fall into the hands of others, wanting to express this feeling in his track. Already having received support from electronic music heavyweights like RL Grime, Juuku seems poised to grow and emerge as a name to follow in electronic music.

Here are some words from Juuku on the track:

“I wrote this during a time where I kept getting rejections and it made me second guess myself as an artist. Shit really hurt, but then I had to start holding my passions and dreams closer to myself and not in the hands of others” -Juuku

Check out Juuku’s new single Closer HERE.