With an impressive and extensive catalogue of hard-hitting releases clocked on Octopus Recordings, Set About and numerous others over the course of his decade-long career, Phoenix-based techno artist and recent Mixmag cover star, Juheun, now returns to Set About with his incredible new M87 EP.

Out now, the juggernaut three-part package marks Juheun’s first full-length outing on the esteemed Bulgarian imprint, following a critically acclaimed debut remixing Pablo Say’s Energy back in 2019. Complete with two colossal originals and an extra special remix from Kuukou Records label boss Simina Grigoriu, this latest offering is the perfect symbiosis between two truly dynamic, in-form producers, each at the very top their game.

Inaugurating the three-pronged package with the mesmerising title track Digital High, the Korean-American techno icon goes full-throttle from the off, as he builds arpeggiated synthesisers with earth-shattering bass and intricate hi-hats to an impressive peak. Speaking about the opener, Juheun commented:

“I named this track after a galaxy called Messier 87 which has a black hole in its center, sitting about 53 million light years from Earth. M87 instantly brings us to the event horizon with razor sharp stabs sprinkled amidst a ruthless kick drum. The first drop in the track slaps you into space and prepares the listener for a wild ride as the drums progressively build into the next void.” – Juheun

Next up, the Octopus Recordings mainstay demonstrates his impressive production versatility with the equally absorbing second track, Digital High, delivering a heady peak-time cut, brimming with pulsating low-end, frenetic drum patterns and dark, intergalactic samples throughout its hefty, six and a half-minute duration:

“For ‘Digital High’ I tried to capture the feeling and emotion of traveling through space and time, with a fusion of unrelenting energy and ethereal synths. I wanted it to be an unpredictable journey for the listener, invoking feelings of clarity and wonder. The hypnotizing vibe pumps from start to finish with a sci-fi breakdown and drop that hits the dance floor with massive energy.” – Juheun 

Last, but by no means least, we see Juheun hand the baton to the Simina Grigoriu for all-important closing duties. Hot off the back of her recent Techno Monkey Remixed album, the Berlin-based talent showcases her unique brand of mind-bending techno and unrelenting, avant-garde soundscapes, as she closes out another remarkable EP on Set About. 

Speaking about the remix, Simina commented:

“I’m super excited about this one! I’ve been following Juheun for a while now and I am honoured to contribute to this interstellar EP on Set About. I usually draw inspiration from everything around me, be it light or dark, but for this remix, I went even darker to fit the galactic vibe of the original track and it’s title. Punchy kicks and a deep rumble bass to move those bodies on the dancefloor—that was the goal. Hope you like it!” – Simina Grigoriu

Juhuen – M87 EP (including Simina Grigoriu remix) is out now via Set About.