Jubilee is out again with another hot collaborated release. ‘Magic City 3’ breaks through genres of all the electronic music we love into one large alliance of sound. Jubilee started in the Miami rave scene as a teen and grew up throwing parties, getting down, and making music. Later, she migrated up to New York where she advanced her style and flourished in the underground night life.  In this release we get a variety of music tastes that will really bring flavor to the dance floor.

Kicking it off with feels, Free Magic’s “404 143” gives out sexy, melodic computer clicks riding over soulful vocals and kicks in with a house vibration. Up next on this album, “It’s a Fine Day (Burt Fox Remix)” by Opus III combines an atmospheric vocal with a fast pace drum line that gives this track a unique fresh style. Pop n lock it with “Cute” from Orlando along with “Ikonika” from Riposte. These tracks will bring the dance floors back to old school rave days. Mesmerizing “270 Degrees” by Olive T lifts up the vibe with techno style kicks over an intonated chorus. Proper Villians up next, bringing that Miami bass in your face. Astrolith kills it with “Ultragel” a quick and heated track techno track that has its own melody riding over wobbly synths that sound like bending metal.  Keeping the heat from Doctor Jeep “Hydra VIP” and this jam packed track that’s like a handpicked popsicle, sweet and melty. Speaking of melting, Mobilegirl’s “Vivibass” embellishes with abysmal sounds. The album has substance for just about about everyone who vibes in this lovely music scene, even for the bangers who can dig into “Pressure” from Katie Rex.

This entire EP is seductive, distinctive, and succulent. If you’re in Brooklyn, RSVP for the free release party May 31st at Good Room.

Jubilee Presents – Magic City 3

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor