[Forthcoming Release] Sleazy Deep continues their arsenal of top notch releases with their forthcoming single, Cold Calling, from Manchester newcomer, Jouhl. This is the producers second foray into the Sleazy Deep family of releases, having already contributed his track “Remember” to their Future Sleaze compilation.

Cold Calling consists of the original and a trio of remixes. First up, the original is a deep affair. A pounding bass line gets the track rolling, but it’s the droplets of sound and the slowed down, offbeat Diana Ross vocal sample that gives the track an after hours, dark vibe. The Mekanism provides the first in the trilogy of re-imaginings. A minimal use of the vocals, laser shots, organs, and a more chugging bass line give it a 70’s futuristic feel. Next on the list is the Sleazy Deep Social remix. An almost menacing vibe to the track, it employs a raw, growling bass line complimented by grungy, spread out synths. Max Belobrov provides the final remix of the record. Another aggressive take on the production, the chopped up, echo-laden vocal sample gives it a haunting, cavernous feel.

A deep, dark record overall, every version of Cold Calling is perfectly suited for different stages of an after-hours party. And another testament to the quality music  that is provided by Sleazy Deep, a record label not even ten releases in.


Artist Name: Jouhl
Title: Cold Calling
Record Label: Sleazy Deep
Release Date: Aug. 27
Catalog Number: SLEAZY007