London based producer Joshwa delivers a breath of fresh club energy to the Freeform Five classic “No More Conversations”, out now via Sweat It Out. The nostalgia-inducing vocals float atop a rich, pumping bassline; a quality quickly becoming synonymous with a Joshwa heater. The pulsating synths flutter in and out in a nod to the sonic palette of Freeform Five in the mid 2000s, increasing in intensity as the listener is drawn into the final alluring drop. Here a brief moment of space is coupled with enticing vocal distortions before descending back into the deep, making this bound to do some serious damage to the dance floor.  Joshwa speaks of his excitement to work on the track, “I remember when I first heard the Mylo remix of this song I was 12 years old and getting more and more into dance music. So I’m super gassed to have the opportunity to bring this iconic tune into 2022 with my own unique spin on it –  I hope you all love it as much as I do!

No More Conversations” is out now!