March 18, 2016 was another big day for releases.  This one, Black Books, which are remixes from Jori Hulkkonen’s album Oh But I Am on My Favorite Robot Records (MFR) is another glory to add to the “hot” list. MFR likes to go outside of the norm and release all styles of electronic music. This EP is a great example of that!

The ”Club Dub” is a jammin’ remix designed for dance floors–atmospheric and bouncy. Kenny Glasgow’s version is slow, airy, and a phantasmal form of the track. My Favorite Robot’s style is loaded on the percussion with vivid and melodic synth lines. Doc L Junior’s rendition is has tripped out synths with deep bass, this version cuts out the lyrics and adds some spacey vibes. The Butr & Nitin remix is a chilled out adaptation that sketches the track with expansions of passages through time.  All of these reworks of “Black Books” come from the original slow jazzy track with melodic piano and trumpet behind captivating synths to create space jazz.  The entire EP has a touch of savory styles and is a bit of something for all.


Artist: Jori Hulkkonen, Kenny Glasgow, My Favorite Robot, Doc L Junior, Nitin, Butr
Release Date:
Label: My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No: MFR139

Jori Hulkkonen – Black Books

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor