[New Release]  The last couple of months have been busy for Jonny Hopkinson.  With 5 releases all coming out on different labels, we get his latest release, the Higher Consciousness EP, out now on Flumo Recordings.  With a little help from Kezla and a smooth remix delivered by Barrio Weedwagon this record drops just in time for those remaining long summer hot days.

The first selection off this EP, ‘Zion’, is a a gem of a track.  With its deep grooves, hypnotic vocals, and intoxicating feel, this song is a first rate dance floor selection which will set the mood in any setting.  Barrio Weedwagon gives us a slowed down, soulful, day time remix of the track with an enchanting feel, captivating melody, and catchy vocal – this song is a perfect feel good day time jam.  The final track ‘Stare’ is another great day time jam with its R&B feel, alluring vocals, and deep groove.

Overall this is a great album, especially for those long hot days where all you want to do is relax by some water with a cool drink.  You can expect to hear this one in many DJ’s day or opening sets.  I see big things in the future for Jonny Hopkinsons and as always, we look forward to anything coming from Flumo Recordings.




Artist:  Jonny Hopkinson
Title:  Higher Consciousness EP
Label:  Flumo Recordings
Catalog No.:  FLR036


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