[Release]   My Favorite Robot Records is a label that has been on fire lately.  With a plethora of amazing releases already under their belt, they recall the prodigious Jonny Cruz who delivers with this amazing EP.  In addition, Avatism, Jeremy P. Caulfield, and Fur Coat are all on the remixes which set this record up to be another smashing success in their already loaded catalog.

‘Devil’s Hex’ is a a stunning track with a grim tech edged house feel and haunting vocals.  A total demon on the dance floor, this one is a quality tune.  Avatism and Jeremy P. Caulfield join forces for a stirring remix with very affective vibes, a nice compliment to the original.  The other original from Jonny, ‘Sex Rocket,’ is a grim melodic, kick backed track with a sweet retro feel. Fur Coat really brings it with their remix and provides an uptempo behemoth with provoking melodies and driving synths.

Overall this is a great release from My Favorite Robot and Jonnny Cruz.  An EP that is great from start to finish and has the right track for almost any occasion.  As always, I look forward to what My Favorite Robot has in store and the future is sure looking big and bright for Jonny Cruz.


Artist:  Jonny Cruz
Title:  Devil’x Hex EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR060
Release Date:  22 October 2012