Boston-based artist, Johnny Vaz, delights us with a stellar new EP, Lagoa. With nearly two decades of writing and performing music under his belt, Johnny serves up killer tunes as a Dusk Till Done resident, as well as a member of the production duo Beta Ghosts.  His distinct style is characterized by his smooth rhythms and organic grooves, with productions released on Conya Records, NYC label, Good Company Records, Cenote Records, and most recently, the Intimate Project Music imprint.

Get lost in the groove with this EP.  The release features three original tracks, along with a brilliant remix by Dutch artist, El Mundo. The title track, “Lagoa,” is a lovely downtempo jam, so deeply melodic, with an absorbing breakdown that’ll surely seduce your mind.  “Copycats” is a chill, hypnotic affair with a meditative patience; beautifully constructed with a steady bassline and a spacious sound quality that lingers in your ear.  Continuing with those loungey vibes, “Spray” is enriched with delicate piano melodies upon a bed of soft and entrancing beats.  Kicking the tempo up a notch, the collaborative remix with El Mundo results in a remarkably darker and mesmerizing rendition to the original, only further enhancing this ambient space in time.


Artists: Johnny Vaz & El Mundo
Label: Intimate Project Music
Catalog #: 
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Johnny Vaz – Lagoa 

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Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor