[New Release]   If you are not aware of Kote Records it is time you recognize. Responsible for one of Kote’s biggest releases in the last year,  John Monkman again delivers an amazing EP, called Noisly.  The title track ‘Noisly’ is such a stellar tune with its alluring bass line, perfectly placed keys, and overall entrancing feel and is perfect to lose yourself on the dance floor.  The second track off this release, ‘The Heat,’ is simply sublime.  Seductive vocals, haunting tones, and an overall intoxicating feel, this is the love song for those who like to go dark and deep.

Overall this EP is an incredible for release for both Kote and for Monkman.  Kote as of late has been a great go-to label for finding quality tracks that are a must in many DJ’s sets.  We are always in anticipation for anything Kote records release, especially when Monkman is on the bill.




Artist:  John Monkman
Title:  Noisly
Label:  Kote Records
Catalog No.:   KOTE1086


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