[New Release] Jimpster is an incredibly talented, prolific producer, whose edgy and deep productions have been a staple of the deep house and techno collective for a long time.  He teams up with Simon Jinadu for These Times, out today on Freerange Records, which is a beautiful, wafty release and a perfect record for those parties wrapping up the summer season.

The sounds here remind me of fall — slightly chilly, ambient and dreamy, like leaves falling peacefully to their final resting place — a great introduction to a deeper, fuller time of year. The title track is a masterfully written song. The track’s bouncy, sharp kick is typical of Jimpster, and Simon Jinadu’s voice is slightly indie-rock-and-roll and sweetly soulful, making the track feel warm and floaty. “Can’t Stop Loving” is also absolutely gorgeous and really highlights Jimpster’s incredible productive talent; his ear for layers and unique, standout sounds is impecable.  His creations truly tell a story and, although this track is hot and dancy, it leaves you in other realms of consciousness and thought. The dub of the “These Days” is a lovely round-out to the release, with a slightly chillier version of the original.

Freerange Records, Jimpster’s home, always releases beautiful music, such as those of masters Andre Lodemann and Manuel Tur, .  These Times is a wonderful addition to any collection, whether you play out or listen in.



Artist: Jimpster

Label: Freerange Records

Title: These Times

Catalog No.: FR169