Innervisions are set for their 90th release on December 6th and part of this will involve an EP from Jimi Jules, the Zurich-based Watergate resident.

The story behind the track is classic! Jules has given a quote here:

“Fool was written a long ago, and has grown throughout these years. It actually started with this nice percussion loop in the background and was built up with all these little details every time I opened the file. I actually wrote the vocal for a proper singer, but as always nobody wrote me back, so I had to sing like a fool,” he smiles. “When the track was more or less finished, I showed it to my friend Kalabrese and he didn’t like it. So, I thought ‘fuck!’, he’s always a person that reflects my music the best. So, I started another song. A few years later I was searching for something on my computer and that track popped up. I totally forgot about it and was surprised a lot. While I was listening to it, my girlfriend said: I love that track, did you already send it to Steffen? [Dixon] Of course I did not, because I’m a fool and I thought, when Kala doesn’t like a song, it can’t be a good one [laughs]. Long story short, after the song got signed to Innervisions about 3-4 years laters he changed his ears and finally loves the track!”





– @MitchDodge
Mitch Dodge