Jickow is back on the release radar, ringing in the new year with yet another mesmeric new offering; the two-track ‘Nòstra Dòna De La Gàrdia’ EP. Returning after a highly fruitful 2022 packed with a slew of original productions, which included debut opuses for Family Piknik and BluFin Records, Jickow now readies himself for his Olympe imprint’s first record of the year, featuring a stunning remix courtesy of the legendary Nick Muir. Hitting the ground running in 2023, the ‘Nòstra Dòna De La Gàrdia’ EP is out now across all streaming platforms.

The aptly titled imprint Olympe serves as an homage to Jickow’s hometown of Marseille, France, and aims to channel the authentic perspectives of both established and upcoming talents. Reflected in the EPs title, the 2-tracker references Marseille’s Notre-Dame de la Garde, known to locals as Bonne Mère and written in the Provençal dialect as ‘Nòstra Dòna De La Gàrdia’.

Jickow’s latest original production kicks off with crisp, measured percussive elements, which provide an ethereal foundation through which he builds this haunting composition. Peaceful yet commanding, the cut grows with intensity, unveiling a web of menacing synth work and subtle bass tones. Atmospheric in its effect, the track infiltrates the ears, lulling the listener into a hypnotic daze and transporting them to a euphoric soundscape of melodic dynamism. A true reflection of Jickow’s signature sonic elements and unique production techniques, ‘Nòstra Dòna De La Gàrdia’ embodies emotion, purity, and self-reflection. Blissfully intoxicating, the cut finds equal comfort within at-home listening spaces and main stages alike, serving as yet another stellar addition to Jickow and his label’s growing discography.

The legendary Nick Muir (Bedrock) steps up for remix duty on this stunning original record, giving us another sonic perspective on Jickow’s alluring synth work. Experimenting with his crisp percussive lines, Nick opts for a more swing-enthused rhythm, injected with subtle cosmic timbres and the occasional acid-infused intricacy. Approaching the break, we’re greeted with an anthemic trance-infused build, which pitch bends to an all-inclusive drop; marrying his elements for a rapturous final quarter.

Hailing from the South of France, Jickow has become a fast-rising name within the dance music community, contributing heavily to the progression of the local scene in Marseille and Montpellier. Serving as a DJ, Producer, Art Director and managing booking agent, Jickow exists in the heart of nightlife and has gone on to perform at some of the most influential clubs the world has to offer. From the excitement of Kater Holzig in Berlin to the heat of Rachdingue in Catalonia, through to the electric atmosphere of the Jesus Club in Saint Petersburg, Jickow’s melodic-driven strain of techno is beloved by all.

Making the move to Brussels, Belgium, the French native launched the Hedonism Party Crew; an event concept that has since blossomed into a staple within Brussels’ thriving club scene and extended its impact to Club Vaag in Antwerp and Rex Club in Paris. Inviting international artists like OxiaPleasurekraftOlivier Huntemann, and Marc Houle, to name a few, the initiative has aided in building Jickow’s profile across the continent.

With a blossoming discography to match his other endeavors within the circuit, Jickow’s records have been chartered via leading labels such as BluFin RecordsFamily PiknikMovements RecordingsResopal Schallware (vinyl and digital), Natura VivaArea VerdeDeep House Belgium and Beatfreak; appearances that have earned him support from some of the biggest names in electronic music such as SolomunSven VathArmin Van BuurenRicardo VillalobosJoris VoornOxiaPete TongPaul OakenfoldUmekSasha and Marco Carola.