If you want to tune into music that is fresh and unreleased start following Jensen Sportag. They will be previewing 4 tracks a month out of their archives that have never officially been published. The Nashville-based duo, Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Craig, are said to create “Difficult Easy Listening”.  Their music is full of soulful romanticism, sexy moods, gentleness, and exotic beats. It’s like electro-pop music meets 80’s retro mixed with dance and disco. They have been heard on Other People, Rinse FM, Modular, and more. They also have their own label Cascine.

Sportag’s first unreleased tracks are from Retrosport I. “Carly” is a sweet cry of affection mixed with pop synths and enchanting percussion. The sounds are mixed in with chaotic piano vibes which make this track graciously unique. “Light Music” is a seduction of experimental sounds that twist together into an off-center house beat at the end. “Guest House” is like the building blocks of a well structured design. Its frisky beat gravitates the intellect of the track into a brilliant mix. “Pantone High” slows it down with a beautiful piano introduction that revels into melodic synths and a samba style beat. Take it easy, lay back and enjoy the wild variety of sounds that come together when these two create music.

This is music of love for all your lovers out there.

Jensen Sportag- Retrosport (I)

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor