Amazing new trippy release from Jay Tripwire and Gog, Mezcal Spirit Guide Original Mix operates between hypnotic melodies squeezing in its entirety the analog sounds, drums that keep a delicious rhythm with a little dark beat, a journey the should enjoy in Mezcal. Hector Moralez Remix involves  latin percussions and an urban style with a perfect catchy groove for the dance floor. Enchiridion is an interesting mixture of synthesizers which take us to an experience psycho auditory with a bass that let us feel all its warmth, this track will surprise you while it advances slowly. The remix from Itzone isn an introspective sound journey and  creates a quite interesting environment that will captivate all your vibratory field.


Artist:  Jay Tripwire & Gog
Title:  Mezcal Spirit Guide
Label:  Louder Music
Catalog No.:  LM21