[Release]  2012 has been an excellent year for James Silk. With a quick rise in fame, whether it be giving away free downloads or releasing a dope tune on a credited label, James Silk is a name to look out for. His latest release, Nights Girls on Family Matters Records, is a four track stunner loaded with bass, groove, and soul.

In ‘Oh Girl,’ James takes the classic, sexy soul vocals from Dennis Edward’s, ‘Don’t Look Any Further,’ and turns it into a bass laden deep jam with a vicious groove.  ‘All Night’ is a sensually deep track with phantasmic bass and slamming percussion.  ‘Love You Right’ is another behemoth of a track with its attractive vocals, pumping ass, and stellar atmosphere.  A great finish to this record, ‘Automatic Sistematic’ is another bass heavy monster with a tight groove and crisp percussion.


A quality release from start to finish, James Silk is moving his way up as a producer, and it is shown with this wonderful release of all original material. Keep your eyes and ears open for this guy, because he has a promising future.




Artist:  James Silk
Title:  Night Girls
Label:  Family Matters Records
Catalog No.:  FMR007


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-James Silk