[New Release]  There has been a rise in newly formed labels and up and coming artists and the good thing about this is that the quality and the quantity of good  music has been on the rise too.  Newly formed label Feast Records is another one of those new labels that are taking up and coming artists, along with some time tested talent, and releasing some great music.  For their sophomore release they call on the likes of up an comer James Pople, who has been on a tear lately.  In addition, Miguel Puente and Inxec both have remixes on the EP which makes this one a heater.

The title track ‘Who’s That Girl’ is a lecherously  deep track with soulful vocals and  a very atmospheric groove.  ‘Say I Move You’ is a beautiful mosaic of past and present influences along with a playful bass line, effulgent piano,  and deep groove.  Culprit artist Inxec tosses in his own techy remix of the title track by speeding it up and giving it more animated feel.  To finish it up, Miguel Puente delivers with his own monster of a remix.  There’s something about the Mexican sound; they just love to slow it down, make it smooth, and give that bass line a thick melodic groove which surely gets you rocking.  Puente does just that with this remix and once again he delivers.

Overall this is a great release for Feast Records and every track is awesome. Whether you want to get soulful with it, techy with it, or just straight gangsta with it, this album is the one for you.  Excited to see what the future holds for Feast and we can’t wait to see what tracks James Pople has brewing up.




Artist:  James Pople
Title:  Who’s That Girl EP
Label:  Feast Records
Catalog No.:  FR002


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