London production trio Jaded return to Club Sweat with the release of an epic rhythm-filled double A-side “Overtime / Physically”. The house-centric trinity present ‘Overtime’, a bustling yet smooth offering .On the two sides to their release, Jaded said, “With this EP we wanted to showcase the 2 sides of Jaded. The light vs The dark! One side is our uplifting funky melodic focused vibe that’s full of harmonized vocoders and carnival trumpets reminiscing the last days of summer and the other is our rumpa stumpa high energy, break your neck weapon which is our take on the sound of the cold London nights.”

We were also able to catch up with Jaded and have a sneak peak into some of the equipment / instruments currently being used by the trio – which doesn’t happen often!

Prophet OB6 – “We used this lush analogue synth for the chords and stabs on Overtime. This is my go to machine for any pads, chords and atmospheric stuff! Packs a real 80s punch! A holy unity of the Prophet and Oberheim technologies to open the gates of heaven or hell depending on how you use it. Jaded supply their own entrancing and infectious vocals, and escalate that vibrant atmosphere with buoyant horns, and open-bottomed percussion elements aplenty. Flipping the digital wax, the second half of the double A-side ‘Physically’ ups the pace and transports punters to the underground. A deep-bassline driven groove, that leans on garage elements and a quickened, disjointed vocal, to fashion an energetic club anthem.”

Neve 1073LB Mic Pre – “This preamp is the grandson of the legendary 1073 but in a 500 series rack! The original has been used on more hit records than anyone can imagine. Once combined with a half-decent mic it produces super clean warm vocals that hit you in the face. This was used for Teo’s vocals with a simple no-nonsense Shure SM7B Mic. Good enough for MJ, good enough for us mate.”

UA Apollo – “This Lil guy doesn’t get enough credit sometimes. It’s the machine that’s always there ready to capture everything with the highest quality and comes with no headaches. It has such a wide range of latency-free plugins to record through that you might have to remortgage your nan’s house once you get a taste of it cos you would want all of them. Tread carefully or you’ll be buying emulations of 60s/70s analog gear for eternity. Maybe you can display them in your metaverse in the future.”

Overtime / Physically” is out now!”