[Release] Union Jack Records have been on fire lately and impress again with their latest release from Jacsun. With a title like ‘Freaky Naughty’, how can you not instantly lust after this release?! Jacsun, aka Ben Jackson, a fairly new-comer in the scene, has managed to turn heads and catch their attention with his style of fusing progressive highs and relaxed deep disco beats with tinges of house & techno.

The first of the 2-track EP, “Freaky Naughty”, kicks off with an instant booty-shaker. A funky groove with a classic influenced disco drum-line massaged with lush space-chords, stabs, pitched down vocals and a memorable melodic riff guarantees anyone’s feet to start shuffling. “Stay Close”, the second track of the EP, takes things down a notch to a sexy level. Hypnotic vocal phrase, balearic atmosphere, smooth bass and a warped synthline makes this a perfect love affair.

The first of the three remixes for “Stay Close” comes from Russia’s Max Belobrov. With a lush arpeggiated melody running through the backbone of his remix, he takes a more futuristic and in-your-face approach. The second remix comes from Swiss, Patrick Podage, who takes things on a more emotional journey while maintaining the sexy-vibe. The last remix comes from Jonny Hopkinson, finishing off the release in a classy interpretation aimed ‘for-the-floor’.

A quality release from Union Jack, as always! Amazing work from all artists involved and especially Jacsun, we will definitely be looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future!


Artist: Jacsun
Title: Freaky Naughty
Label: Union Jack Records
Release Date: November 14
Catalog: UJR012



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