The mysterious Russian producer Jackie Komutatsu is known from his releases on labels like Motek (UK). Now he reappears and delivers with Aura a melodically driving release for the club world and beyond. Two moving remix productions are included and upgrade the release to an exciting record.

Jackie Komutatsu created two different versions of his track – both of them a journey into deep, tribal and organic deep tech orientated sound. Darksidevinyl’s interpretation of Aura is a very powerful melodic techno track offering a masterful composition by implementing his signature sound of percussive precision and the creation of multiple strong synths and melodies that progress throughout the track.

Acado delivers the second remix and present a organic downtempo remix, focusing on the spiritual elements of the track. They start out with a powerful kick, snare combination and shakers setting the groove for their remix. Perfect to open a warm and cozy downtempo, deep house or even progressive set.

Out now on Beatport.