After a recent turn out on Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp, Jaeger Oslo resident Ivaylo delivers a tightly produced package on Cassy’s famous, Kwench Records. The ‘Æ Way EP’ consists of three classy house cuts from the fanatic producer, an artist who seems to churn out quality.

With that in mind, we gave Ivaylo the hard task of picking out his top 5 productions from his own discography….

“Hi guys, thanks for this lovely invitation and chance to share some of my music. Been long time follower and fan of Music4lovers and really appreciate the opportunity to get finally connected with you!”

1. Ivaylo & Lazy Karma – Like The Sound (Original mix)

“This one track was made in 2013 in Tenerife, while me and my girlfriend were living there with at that time our newborn son. I haven’t yet started Bogota Records and have just begun to write music for the label to come. Another special moment came in, as my friend Lazy Karma (alias he used only for that track) have also moved there to switch off from “tough” DJ live in Europe. We quickly connected and started to jam on music. I had a small studio build on the roof of the house (in a washing machine room lol) with an amazing view over the ocean – I guess that gave us great inspiration and as both were kinda searching for more deeper sounds and were looking for a new approach, this track came pretty natural out. Vocals are chopped from my friend Renate’s previously jam session in the studio. I guess the “Bring me back to the world to try” phrase, explains it all :)”

2. Ivaylo & Slammer – Guide Feat. Renate (Original mix)

“I would never forget how this track came into what it is. Me and my friend Slammer were seating in my old studio and jamming over some beats, when suddenly we realised what we had done, we needed some vocals. It was mid July the summer holiday in Norway, so I took the chance trying to get Renate to lay down some vocals, funny fact was she was only few minutes away from my house/studio, on the way back from the beach (meant to be). I remember we let her alone in the studio for 30-40 min with a mic and the project rolling – one time take, that’s all we did – Here is the result! This track is kinda special to me as the whole setting around it, was an amazing time frame of a day of friendship, sun and my kids playing outside – my little Guide and keeper :)”

3. Ivaylo & Slammer – Origins (Original mix)

“Another one I did together with my bro, Slammer and again totally freestyle jamming what later became a great EP for the Barcelona based, Cymawax label. I love this track as the name says, it reflects on our origins from where we both grew up, back home in Bulgaria – deepness! Big thanks to Arildo from Cymawax to release this piece of feelings”.

4. Ivaylo – Syklon (Original mix)

“Taking out of my latest release on Prins Thomas’s label Full Pupp, this one is one of the tracks marking one of those moments in life, when I change my music perspective and jump in a search for a new wave of feelings in a track. As I love deepness, here I could freely combine the roughness in it and what better way to get this out on Full Pupp – just made perfect sense to me. Big love to Prins Thomas for feeling me!”

5. Ivaylo – Trendy Jose (Original mix)

“Another one from my Bogota Records catalogue, I wrote this track last year (2018) in the summertime. I’m really happy how it came out as there are so many different associations in my head (guess only in my head though…lol), when listening to it. One of the main leading “perc” sounds, comes from my girlfriend eating cereal behind me and making noise with her spoon, while having the sun shining out, made me write the funky bass line. All this together, made me think about a friend of mine from Mexico (Jose), who is really in love with that kinda groove and he is ALWAYS trendy…lol. To top everything this track and the whole energy around it, led me to call the release “America” and write the second track on it, called “Jacks Confusion” – indeed a special track for me to remember, this one”.

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