We’ve got two really beautiful and amazing tracks from San Diego-based artist Ivan G on local label Audio Indika. It’s incredibly refreshing to hear new music from musicians and labels unafraid of experimentation, pushing boundaries and willing to stray from swaying trends.

A-Side title track, Muted Heart, is a slower number with jazzy grooving keys and a rattling, lulling bass that exudes a soar-into-the-sky attitude. You’re quickly swept up and serenaded by horns, warm retro keys and a hypnotic vocal that’ll have you saying “OOOOOOOH SHIIIIIEEEE, take me there baby!”

The Doc Link remix of Muted Heart maintains the same jazz-infused attitude but is meant for an upbeat dancefloor. The energy is ramped up, for the classic feel and pace of the legendary Strictly Rhythm. 

Listen and purchase now.