Italian duo ItaloBros are known for their refined rhythmic sound with material on Under No Illusion, Time Bandits and their very own La Pera Records imprint. For their latest offering the pair head over to newly launched Black Seven Music to deliver their ‘Viento’ EP, with remixes from South of Saturn artists Rone White & Rowen Clark and North Wales double act BRODYR.

We caught up with ItaloBros to hear about their exciting new release on Black Seven Music, the story behind the remixes, the music scene in Calabria, Italy and their next studio projects.

Hi guys, How are things right now where you are?

Hi guys, thanks for inviting us. We are both at home, residing in separate houses, but are extremely thankful to be in the company of our families during this challenging time. It’s a difficult experience for everyone, but we remain strong, united, and are hopeful that this will come to an end soon.

How is the scene in Calabria for house music?

Located in the South, Calabria is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy. We’ve found the music scene to be pretty standard throughout the year, that is until summer starts! During summer, the music scene comes alive and is amplified to a whole new level. From House music to Tech-house, you’ll see the most iconic clubs opening their doors to the best-renowned DJs from all over the world.

 Your first release was 2015, how did you guys meet and start your partnership?

In 2010, our project as DJ producers began when we started composing free download music on Soundcloud. Two years later, we then released our first EP’s and have continued to do so ever since. We’ve grown a lot in terms of quality and have got to collaborate with great artists and great labels along the way. Our ambition has always been to share our music with the world!

Loopy, tracky grooves dominate your music – what do you think makes the perfect groove?

We believe one of our strong points is our groove. The groove reflects our character and personality which we love to portray through our music. Groove, Bass, Snare, synth, vocal, and old school, are all the things that we aim to include in our tracks. Our style is a little bit rough but with a touch of quality and innovation that helps to set us apart from the rest!

Your latest release, the ‘Viento’ EP lands on Black Seven Music, the new label from BRODYR – how did you guys hook up?

BRODYR are a talented duo with a lot of musical culture. We love and value Black Seven Music and are very happy to be a part of it. For us, this is a great project and we hope to bring value to the exciting new label.

Remixes on ‘Viento’ come from BRODYR and Rone White & Rowen Clarke – did you have any input on who remixed the track and how do you feel they turned out?

We believe they are all great artists and we have complete confidence in them. It’s clear they put all of their passion and professionalism into their projects and we’re really happy with how they turned out. Both remixes adding something different to the release.

You guys have quite a few remixes under your belt too – who would you most like to remix?

Our goal is to collaborate with as many world-renowned artists as possible, this gives us a great sense of pride and achievement. It provides us with the strength and drive for us to continue growing our beloved passion – llong live the music!

What’s next up from your studio?

Next, the aim is to expand our studio further! We both enjoy experimenting and trying new equipment, although we are still very attached to our Akai MPK, it was our very first midi keyboard and luckily we still get to use it… even if it is a little obsolete now!

ItaloBros ‘Viento’ EP with Rone White & Rowen Clark, BRODYR remixes on Black Seven Music is out now.

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