Todd Terje’s feel good production has been funkin’ up dancefloors globally for a decade now, and this springtime masterpiece of a full length album is sure to get some bodies moving under the sunshine.

The piece builds with a dreamlike momentum that blooms through bubbling synths, carefree keys and varied, deep bass licks that guide you along a groove filled journey along the upbeat, musical cosmos. Although Terje’s signature, danceable sound is prominent within each of the 12 tracks, he definitely switches up styles and moods for a captivating listening experience-latin rhythms, slow jam feels, tropical beats & cheerful classics alike, wrapping it all up with one of the catchiest tunes this side of the sun, ‘Inspector Norse.’

Good vibes, warm nights, deep breaths, It’s Album Time <3


Artist: Todd Terje
Title: It’s Album Time
Label: Olsen Records
Release Date: April 8th, 2014
Catalogue #: 634457437029