[New Release]  If you haven’t heard of Istra Tec or his label Yahsi, consider this your memo.  Formed earlier in 2012, they have had a handful of reputable releases leading up to this beauty of a record.  On the first track Istra teams up with Cosmin Dias for ‘Profound.’  A stunning track which takes you into the depths of great house music, it boasts dark grooves with a foreboding tone, and a haunting melody. There are some great late night vibes here which should certainly bring out anyone’s inner monster.  On the flip side, Dani  Zavera delivers with an enchanting uplifting track, titled “Relax.” With a stellar bass line, smooth grooves, and crisp percussion, this track is a great contrast to Itra and Cosmin’s song. and a wonderful wrap up to the release.  Overall this is  a great release from Yahsi Records and some excellent music from all the artists.  Yashi seems to be a label to keep your eye on and I look forward to what the future holds for them.


Artist:  Istra Tec, Cosmin Dias, Dani Zavera
Title:  Profound/Relax
Label: Yashi Records
Catalog No.:  YASHI009

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