Boku is following up on his sublime Fortune EP with another expertly crafted single, ‘Epiphany’. Blending downtempo stylizations with chopped vocals and rich instrumentation, the textured production showcases Boku’s sharp ear and eclectic inspirations. ‘Epiphany’ is available on all streaming platforms via Feel Good Lost. 

The strength of ‘Epiphany’ lies in the production’s seamless interpolation of diverse instrumentation. After opening with tranquil atmospheric elements and acoustic strings, the listener is met with a bursting percussive break. Managing to keep a cohesive sound throughout, Boku goes on to include everything from cut-up vocal clips to rich synths as the track ebbs and flows. Despite the mass amalgamation of instrumentation sources, ‘Epiphany’ keeps a tight focus and an overwhelmingly optimistic disposition. Boku is a master at building robust sonic worlds that allows the listener to dive deep or float along with the production, a talent which is on full display throughout ‘Epiphany’. 

‘Epiphany’ is about realisations, my gut has always figured out things quicker then my head and I’m always trying to play catch up with it.’ – Boku