Into LALA brings us their first self titled album ‘ Into Lala ‘ which gives the feeling of exactly that. Welcome to lala, land of the woods, full of a place where dreams are fulfilled with mythical creatures of love. Released on the label Ton Liebt Klang, which in English indirectly translates to ‘We Love Sound’ , based out of Hamburg Germany.  This album is full of various sounds, smooth lyrics and a mix of genres including pop, folk, house, tech house, classical strings and those electronica vibes.

Two years in the making, these three artists Moritz Rausch (Rauschhaus), Peter Groskreutz, and Sophia Ewig put together an album full of sounds from daily life and beyond. Using antique music boxes, flower pots, plastic bags, and crayon scratches. They wanted to incorporate real life sounds into their musical journey on their album based upon the opposite feelings of fear and love, and the desires that come between.  The entire release is full of catchy lyrics to sing along to. Break out those classic dance and ballet moves with this album and skip away into the woods with Into LALA.


Artist: Into Lala
Release Date: 2015-12-22
Label: Ton Liebt Klang
Catalog No.:  10100889

– Becky Beloved