The piled sonorities that alternate since Organic House, Indie, Pop, Trip Hop ‘till Deep House creates the artistic persona of YOLA, a young brazilian producer that lets go of molds to synthesize – in the melodies – the sensibility, finesse and liberty that constitutes the singularity of his songs.

In his most recent launch through the German Kindish (sub-label of Get Physical), he bet on an audiovisual draft of “Uh, I Know”. Seeking to communicate the feelings of when he concluded the production, the artist delivers a video clip that follows very well the proposed musical concepts’ standart. 


MI4L: Hi YOLA! Tell us where you are now and what you were doing until you answered this interview?

YOLA: Hi guys! Thanks for the invitation… I was on the balcony having carrot soup, today here in São Paulo it suddenly got cold! ☺

MI4L: What message do you seek to bring to the world through this music project? After all, it carries a very peculiar sound identity…

YOLA: Hmm, hard to get back in a single message… I think if people who hear my music feel good, forget about their problems and feel happiness, hope, freedom and good energy, I would be very happy! Music has the power to be timeless, to bring back memories of the past and project the future. I think that would be the main message: make people enjoy life while enjoying the music.

MI4L: Your sensitivity and depth are very present aspects of your work. How are your references formed and how do you nurture your creative process?

YOLA: I think references and creative processes are intertwined and are the result of a life story dedicated to music. Since I was very young I have been present in this universe, my two grandparents played the guitar, so I must have inherited this love through blood.

My creative process doesn’t have a lot of rules, I’m very much about going without feeling at the moment, it’s something very natural and spontaneous, I don’t get stuck with rules of where to go with a song, I sit in the studio and let whatever happens.

MI4L: “Uh, I know” is a track that clearly draws from a variety of reference sources. Tells a little about the creation and the feeling of completion of it.

YOLA: I was watching some videos I made in the studio while producing this song. I think I finished it in June 2020. I recorded a lot of guitars, edited a lot of vocals, the harmony brings this more chill air, but the broken beats bring a groove on top of this more contemplative harmony…again, not everything is 100% planned, it’s basically me in the studio trying to get what I feel out and what I imagine sounding inside my head.

These days I will share some stuff on my instagram showing some videos I made during production. I remember when I finished this song I turned the monitors up a lot and cried alone in the room. Until today it was the song that I identified with the most.

MI4L: You recorded at ARCA, a place in São Paulo that mixes art, creativity and technology. How was the motivation for the video given and how was the development of the overall composition of the video?

YOLA: As soon as I finished the song I wanted that whoever listening to it could also have a visual experience and the video was perfect for that. I wrote the script and the whole idea for the video. I met Sthéphanie Mascara (who is the main artist of the video) through Instagram, I sent her a message and she loved the song and soon agreed to do it. Eduardo Auricchio, who is one of my first friends in life directed, operated the camera and edited the clip, without him I would never have done all of this. There were 9 people involved, all essential for the video clip to happen!

The clip takes place in an idea of ​​dream / reality – and a connection between these two worlds: how much we take from life to dream and how much we bring from dream to life.

We recorded in 3 locations and one of them was ARCA, it’s amazing there…Being able to film there was a unique experience that I’ll keep forever, it was only possible because of Mário Sérgio, who is one of the partners at M-S and ARCA, without him could never have gotten in there!

We filmed the video clip in 2 days, Saturday and Sunday. We edited it and communicated a post color treatment with Vinicius Cassiano in another 5 days. Everything was very fast but it all worked out.

MI4L: Was it an upcoming adventure or can we wait for future audiovisual projects?

YOLA: Absolutely! I have an EP ready, maybe we will record another

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