LONG BEACH, July 5th – Anton Tumas is the founder and owner of the Subtract Music imprint. Over the years, he has solidified his presence in LA with tasteful releases on his label and now, an event series that is one of a kind. Subtract On The Pier takes place in Long Beach, on Belmont Pier, boasts a Danley sound system, both local and international DJ talent, in addition to low ticket prices. The event runs from 2-10PM and the price of tickets start at just $5. That’s nuts. It’s very clear to us, that Anton does these events out of love, and not out of financial gain. His number one priority is setting an unbeatable vibe.

The lineup for this event features Pezzner, Dave DK, Clint Stewart, Dadon, Brad Moontribe, Ben Annand, Terrakroma and Dela Moontribe. There will be two stages this time: SubLove Stage (a collab stage with Music is 4 Lovers) and the SubMoon Stage. Both stages will be on fire all day, so make sure to go back and forth between both areas.

In preparation for this glorious 4th of July weekend, we sat down with the man himself to get a little perspective into Anton’s world to see how he operates. What drives Subtract Music? How did this all begin? Find out in this interview below. While reading, make sure to press play on this live recording he snagged from Summer Soulstice in Long Beach a few weeks ago.


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Party Details
Location: Belmont Pier, 99 39th Place, Long Beach 90803
FB Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1652540268294692/
Time: 2PM-10PM
Date: Sunday, July 5th


Interview with Anton Tumas

1. Tell us a little bit about Subtract On The Pier. How did it get started?

Last year a friend of a friend who is a high-end chef at an Italian restaurant on Santa Monica pier approached me about hosting a music-driven event at their venue. It had this tiny 100 person rooftop overseeing Santa Monica beach, so naturally I couldn’t say no. The combination of careful curation and epic sunsets could not be beat. We brought out the equivalent of a good pair of studio monitors and a sub out there, which really made everything more enjoyable.

In 2015 we came across another pier in Long Beach that seemed to be the perfect fit for this concept. The local community has shown us tremendous love for what we are doing there, and our free beach events seemed to be gathering everyone around them, so it’s been really fun.

2. What are your top priorities in running an event like this series? What sets this party apart from the other events happening in the LA area?

To me attention to detail and curation are key. We already have as good a venue as anyone can ask for, so the things that make the difference is bringing a really good sound system, as there’s nothing like hearing dance music outdoors. We run our own sound now, as it was definitely more economical long-term, and gives us more creative control over how we do things.

With the party itself being the main draw, there is a certain freedom to book music-driven artists, instead of relying on familiar names. There is definitely somewhat of a “Subtract” sound developing, although that definition is pretty fluid. Lately it has been all about discovering the wealth of amazing California-based Djs. Our scene is alive and vibrant.

We are in Long Beach, off the beaten path, so the people that make it out come specifically for our show. It’s becoming a destination of sorts, and we frequently have visitors from Santa Barbara all the way to San Diego. The unique vibe that is the “secret sauce” that ties it all together, is the one thing that really must be experienced, and is hard to describe. I believe it is the one thing that makes an event special, the intention behind the reason for its existence. Ours has always been to share music we all love in the magic settings, preferably outdoor and in the nature, and to always excel at every aspect of the event, from artist hospitality and beyond. After all, a happy DJ is one that plays a great set, and that is just more fun for everyone! So if I had to boil it down to one thing, it would be to have as much fun as possible, and share these moments together.




3. What are the criteria you use to choose talent for these events? Tell us a little bit about the headliners.

As I mentioned before, we are very music-driven now, so it’s really about the combination of talent, and of course the vibe that each artist brings. Over the years I’m getting more and more picky with music that I find interesting, so what catches my attention is an artist that can evoke strong emotions, yet be skilled at navigating the dance floor, which takes years to perfect.

Pezzner is someone who’s music I’ve been following for years. He played for us 2 years ago, and that was a great party. We just signed a really cool original from him for our label, so I was really happy that he could join us for this show. Dave DK’s sound could be the epitome of that timeless sound, where the ethereal melodies intersect deep grooves. His musical output as of late has been nothing short of astounding, including that one special remix of Vincenzo that’s in this mix. Clint Stewart is the rare DJ who’s taste in music overlap with mine so much, it’s scary. On top of that, he’s just a DJ’s DJ, with makes that combination twice as lethal. If that wasn’t enough, he also just completed a great remix for us, so stoked to have him part of Subtract fam.

We are curating a certain sound and vibe with these events and our label. Our marks are quality and consistency. It is a lot of work to do things without cutting corners, but at the end of the day, I cannot be happy with myself without knowing I put forth my best effort.

4. Who are some of your future talent prospects? If you could book anyone, who would it be and why?

I could break this down to two basic categories. One would be artists whose music has that trans-dimensional quality to it. It is very very rare in my opinion. Almost anyone can make a groove, and a dancy track, but to capture one’s soul and to blend it with that dance-floor magic is a rare feat in my book. Some of the names that immediately come to mind are Stimming, DJ Koze, Robag Wruhme, David August and Andre Lodemann. Each one has a distinct and tasteful sound, and of course I heavily support their music.

The other category would be other Djs that are creating and curating events that share the same vibe as we strive to achieve with ours. Sunset Sound System crew from San Francisco has been making magic in the Bay for 20 years, and John Dill, with whom I’ve recently had the pleasure of playing an extended B2B set, and the tracks just seemed to select themselves. These are the moments I live for as a DJ.




5. Tell us about the mix that you’ve provided for us?

The mix is a live recording of my closing set from a free beach festival we just put on for Summer Solstice. It was called Summer Love Soulstice naturally. We’ve been lucky enough to create a series of events on the beach, something that is a bit of anomaly in Southern California due to strict regulations. So to celebrate the longest day of the year, I went deep into my classics folder, many of these tracks have stood the test of time, which certainly says something about them.

It was a hot day, and it had finally cooled down nicely just as the sun started to set, so the dance floor really woke up at this point! It was also Father’s Day, making it extra special. I would say that it’s a mix of high-energy party vibes with some timeless melodies sprinkled on top, but nothing like hearing it for yourself and coming to your own conclusion

6. Any recommendations you can make to people who are interested in checking out this event and others like it in the future?

I guess I’d say come early and enjoy the beautiful location, music will be exceptional from start to finish. On the outside wing we’re doing a second stage just for this event, featuring Djs that consistently play incredible music in the desert and outdoor festivals. I think it’s a perfect compliment to what we normally do on the pier and will make the vibe even more eclectic. On July 18th and 19th we’re doing another free festival on the beach called Long Beach Love Festival. We secured some of the best talent in LA, and it looks like the turnout will be monumental. Doc Martin, Garth and Eduardo Castillo are joining us, just to name a few. By the way, all 3 of them have been hugely responsible for contributing to, and nurturing the local dance music community, so this is a great opportunity for all of us to unite and celebrate what we all love. Love is that one ingredient that drives everything we do, and makes things grow.