Hey Sifa, great to meet you! Tell us a bit about your year. How have you dealt with all the madness going around? 

Well to be honest, this year flew by like never before. Like most of us I’ve spent a lot of time at home or running around with a mask on, but I’ve tried to occupy myself by doing things for which I didn’t have time before.

Have you learnt much on a personal as well as a professional level?

On a personal level I learned that I like to be by myself more than I thought. The first quarantine back in March was really restful. I think that for some it was a needed break in life.

Professionally I learned that at the end of the day you can’t please everyone so just do what you like. This has probably been said in every interview but there is: reading it and understanding it.

Youve put out some great music this year, we particularly liked your Actarus EP on your label Depth back in April. Do you have a personal highlight? And has music sort of worked as a therapy for you this year?

The highlight for me this year was the Tribu remix I did for MJane – Tribu. I tried to use the acid sound on some african/organic elements and it worked out well.  


The Actarus remix EP is also a highlight as I had Chicago legend K’Alexi Shelby and melody man Dead-Tones. I made it – Actarus – after a breakup so it was interesting to hear the approach of the song with a club-minded vision.


The releases coming out of Depth have always been of a very high standard. Can you tell me a bit about how you select artists for the label etc? And whats the overall vibe that youre looking to create with the label?

There is not really an overall vibe for the label. If i feel like it and I play it and do have a good feeling with the producer then it’s a go. The rest is just extra.

Being from Belgium, can you tell us about the scene over there? What artists, venues and club brands would you recommend to us to check out more?

The scene in Belgium is interesting. Since the country is small most of the time you see the same people at the events. However there is something for everyone going from underground to more mainstream.

Defo check out guys like Maxim Lany, Igor Vicente, Raw District, Mandana, and the list goes on.

Do you think the industry as a whole needs to take lessons from this pandemic?

Probably a few things but unfortunately, we all know that won’t happen.

Looking back a bit, can you tell us a bit about your favourite dancefloor memories over the years? And what is it about raw dancefloor thats so special do you think?

The best moments are when at the certain time of the night the magic happens and everyone feels/think the same. No need to talk just with one look you know what it is. Doesn’t happen at every party but when it does it’s something special. Vibes and eyes don’t lie….

On raw dance-floor everybody is equal. Does’t matter from where you are, your income, sexuality, it’s all the same.

Lets use the wayback machine. How did you cross the aisle from being a dancer to DJing?

After an injury I’ve stopped dancing and after a trip to WMC, I went to some events and had this thing – that’s what I want to do. Funny thing is that it wasn’t even the fancy events that made me want to start. It was nights such as the Tambor Tribe Party, Timmy Regisford’s Shelter, or Therapy by Jojoflores. –  

While we are all being limited in our movement, how do you keep your creative energy flowing?

Watching a lot of movies keeps me creative. Other than that just personal experiences.

Finally, what do you have coming up, both yourself and the label over the coming months that you would like to share?

Coming up I have a remix for be.lanuit coming out on Kiko Navarro’s label – Afroterraneo. A new EP on Depth and a song with Boddhi Satva and LOV named – Fading To Silence…