1 ) Hi Raidho! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How are things with you?

I’m doing OK. Lots of work. I also welcomed another family member a month ago. And at the moment I’m enjoying the release at Sol Selectas. There’s a lot going on

2 ) Tell us more about your latest EP «Jaguar Dance» on Sol Selectas. How did it come about to release on the label?

Sol Selectas is my home label. I’m very happy with my collaboration with Sabo and most of my new tracks actually go to him first I very much appreciate his advice, feedbacks, etc.

The idea for the cover was born a long time ago. After some time the track went into a “drawer” and I admit that I forgot about it. After some time I accidentally came across it again and was shocked that I have not finished it yet Together with T.Etno we added new sounds using instruments from his collection and I finished the arrangement of the song.

I am extremely happy to see our work in TOP10 Organic House / Downtempo charts on Beatport.

3 ) Jaguar Dance – the opening track of this EP was made in collaboration with T.Etno. How did you two meet and what was your experience working together ?

T.Etno and I met through a mutual friend Maciej, who is responsible for Krakow’s New Residence club. Seeing our solo music projects, he suggested that we should start working together.

Together with Tom (T.Etno) we found a common language very quickly. We not only joined forces in the studio, but also on stage where we combined his live performance with my hybrid one.

4 ) In what circumstances were you first introduced to electronic music, and what were some of your early influences in music ?

My first involvement with electronic music was about 22 years ago. At that time I was interested in hip-hop music, and was part of a “backyard” band. I wrote lyrics and took my first production steps on programs like Simple Tracker and Fast Tracker. In 2003 I became fascinated with house music and it was in this direction that I decided to develop. Throughout this period I had several artistic aliases and went through several styles such as house music, deep house, electro house and tech house. My last project before Raidho – Simon Mattson, had releases for labels such as Defected, Glasgow Underground and Elrow Music. Raidho started at the end of 2017 with a release on Bar25 Music, and since then I’ve only focused on it.

5 ) What instruments and/or plugins do you believe define your sound ?

It is hard to say. I often use Omnisphere, plug-ins from the Native Instruments, U-he, Moog, Arturia or Waves families. Ethnic elements are often the responsibility of my colleague T.Etno, who has more than 300 rare ethnic instruments from different parts of the world in his collection.

6 ) What was your highlight gig this year ?

It’s very hard to pick one. I had amazing time at Akasha in Ibiza during the opening of the season there, as well an outstanding summer closing with Wisloujscie Festival in Gdansk, Poland at the end of August.

7 ) What can people expect from Raidho in the near future ?

Definitely more releases. I had a two-year break during the pandemic so now I’m going to share the material I prepared. Pending is an EP for O’Tawa Records with remixes from Marco Tegui, Kaob and Landikhan. The third EP was prepared together with my friend NenaHalena from Berlin. I can’t wait to share these tracks with you!

8 ) Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go ?


Raidho EP “Jaguar Dance” released on Sol Selectas Records is out now
Grab it here