Hey Omary It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How was 2022 for you all now you look back?

Hello, hope you’re doing all good? It’s a pleasure to be with you, and thank you for your welcome. Actually 2022 was very nice and good year for me, I had the opportunity to have many gigs around all my country and my gigs calendar was completely full. I had the opportunity to meet new people around, new artists, new cultural actors and more. I had the opportunity to finalize and release my first album in my career and launch my new record label ‘’ Ostowana ‘’

Amazing work on your latest LP “Soul Of Winds” released on Ostowana. Would you say its some of your best work to date?

Thank you very much. Soul Of Winds is not only my best work to date but it’s a complete and unique experience. As you know making an album it’s not easy at all and this album allowed me to learn a lot about middle east and African culture, about Electronic Music, and about music in general. I had the chance to collaborate and work with many talented artists such as: Mehdi Nassouli, Kawtar Sadik, Idd Aziz, YADEE , OSENS, Amine Mlal, Soulzak, Roxteel and Martine labbé. Without forgetting the assistance of several people who made with me the success of this album.

How would you say this project is sonically different from your previous work?

As you know before I only produced a few singles right to left without any orientation, but over time you always learn, and this album allowed me to learn a lot of things in all levels that you can imagine. This is what makes this project an exceptional project and a great adventure.

How long did the LP take to come together? What was the inspiration behind it?

I’ve been working as a DJ for 14 years now. I’ve always wanted to do production but my influences are very vast, so I found that the ideal is to express all of these influences in my one and only first album; composed with a state of mind of tranquility and expression of feelings. The LP took me almost 4 years to come together because I took the time not only to produce for producing music, but I was doing cultural research for each instrument used in this album and I wanted to know the history of each of the instruments because it will not only be useful to me for the production and creation of this album, but also for my career as a DJ & Producer and label manager.

What are some of your go-to instruments and plugins?
The instruments that I like the most are generally instruments such as: Ghaita, Saxophone, Duduk, Trumpet, Darbouka, Djembe, Guambri, Violin, Oud; I do not see myself producing music without using these different instruments. In terms of plugins, the truth is that the one I prefer the most is the entire Arturia collection, which includes several electronically revisited analog instruments of different styles and categories.

How do you judge the success of your music? What makes you realize you made something special?

it’s true that I’ve been a DJ for years but I’ve only been producing music for a few years, so from a technical point of view I always develop areas for improvement in each production I make. But from a musical point of view, when I produce music, not only do I do it out of love but I expose in each production real feelings which later translate into music that makes people feel something. The listener when they listen to it, my music is a real product that generates a feeling. When there are feelings in the music you make, that’s when the music starts to hit. And the thing that makes me realize that my music is something special is that I make sure to create and produce something new, in a different way and above all produce music that makes the feelings of the listeners react.

What can we expect from Omary in the coming months?

I’m working on several remixes that will be released during the year where I put even more emphasis on Moroccan, African and Middle East culture. I have already started the production of my second album as well and several collaborations with several national and international artists are in progress and I can’t wait to share all this with you afterwards and also with the listeners. It would also suffice to follow me on my IG: www.instagram.com/omaryofficiel & my website also: www.omaryofficiel.com for more news.

Omary LP “Soul Of Winds” it’s out now on Ostowana
Grab it here