Hey Nicky, It’s great to meet you! How’s your summer been so far?

Hi there! My summer has been very good! I’ve played some bucket list gigs such as Tomorrowland and Awakenings, and also I’ve been working on some new music.

Congrats on your latest release Fading / Sun on Anjunadeep. What was your inspiration behind this record?

Thank you! Fading / Sun is actually a very personal EP. It’s the first time I also featured as a singer and the lyrics talk about events that happened in the past 2 years.

Fading is about the feeling on a dance floor (more specifically Marktkantine’s dance floor). The magic of a night out and being touched by music that we didn’t feel in such a long time. During covid I longed for that feeling so much that this song came to pass.

Sun is about personal challenges I overcame in the past year. I think every artist feels self-conscious about their creations in a way; at one point you to accept this feeling and start believing in yourself. Thinking back about the period (which is not that long ago) made me realise, that only when we truly believe in our capabilities, we can reach heights we’d never thought possible.

Recently you have been featured on Beatport “On Our Radar” July Chart. What does this feature mean to you and the recognition, and how do you approach bringing together a chart?

I’m always very flattered to be featured but even if I wouldn’t get any recognition, I would still be doing what I’m doing right now. On the other hand getting recognition means that I can live from my job, which is the greatest gift there is.

But getting recognition isn’t persé the goal for me, it’s more about getting my own approval because I think, in the end, the only person who really has to love your music is you. For me that’s where true happiness lies. Usually a chart for me consists of tracks that I’ve been listening to lately and I always try to make them match in a certain way. This does mean that a more techno and pop-influenced can be in the same chart, as long as the vibe sort of matches.

You’re currently based in Amsterdam I believe, how has the city and the local nightlife influenced your sound?

I think the place you’re based always greatly influences the kind of music you get into. So for me it introduces me to the more melodic side of techno music, but lately I’ve been finding myself more touched by UK influenced tracks. Then it’s also more difficult to find your place in the city since that sound is not super popular here yet.

You have a residency in De Marktkantine, Amsterdam. What has being a resident DJ taught you?

First of all, it allows you to discover who you are. If you enter a safe space that you know, it’s easier to discover yourself musically and try out new things. It’s when you know where the edges of the box end you can start thinking outside of it. I honestly think every beginning DJ needs a resident club to grow and form their own style. Sadly De Marktkantine closed down not too long ago but that also means room for new adventures!

How does your setup look like?

I usually play with a V10 with 4x CDJ3000. During my sets I love planning ahead so 1 CDJ is playing then I have the next 2 tracks in line and the 4th to search and tag tracks I’d like to play.

As a singer and a songwriter, how does your writing process look like? What inspired you when it comes to lyrics and melodies?

For this part of the production process I almost always work together with a friend of mine (Coloray), who is a very talented singer/songwriter. I find it always improves the song if I have someone to bounce off ideas to. So either me or him come with a first melody or lyric, which we send to each other and give feedback, until we reach something we both absolutely love. I can’t tell you how many hilarious voice memo’s this has brought about.

DJ’ing or Music Production?

I honestly can’t choose. I would say DJ’ing comes more natural to me, but I find more creative expression and challenges in music production.

What has been your highlight gig this year?

Lost Village & Tomorrowland

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our question, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

On the 21st of September a very special remix by Joris Voorn of my track ‘Fading’ is coming out on Anjunadeep!

Nicky Elisabeth EP “Fading / Sun” is out on Anjunadeep
Grab it here