Hey!! Great to meet you! How has the summer been treating you so far? 
Hey! So happy to speak with you guys. Summer has been terrific. Excited to have been present in some great electronic music events in Morocco but also happy I had the opportunity to have some gigs abroad. But the main news remains the release of “Black Diamond” a new track under the Buddha Bar Label that I take the opportunity to thank!
Congrats on your new “Black Diamond” release on Buddha Bar. What was your inspiration behind this record? 
This track had to be done! We wanted to celebrate Africa through a mix of tones coming from Moroccan and other African roots. We also wanted to drive a tolerance and hope message as you can hear in the lyrics beautifully sang by my friend Andile Mbili, a very talented South African artist, to say that your difference is your strength, you are a Black Diamond!
Does Storytelling play a big role in your process as an artist? What is that you’re aiming to express with your music? 
Definitely! I have many inspirations and one of them remains the Moroccan roots as our country is very rich in terms of subcultures. Each region might have a specific dialect, specific tones as a consequence of specific instruments used, and also lots of myths and stories that are very interesting. All of that, mixed with my life experience and the values I stand for gives a purpose to my songs and helps driving a story. My aim is always to celebrate diversity, tolerance and give a window for everybody to the rich cultural heritage Africa might have.
What does your setup look like? 
Well to be specific, I have 3 CDJ players, Djm/ A deepmind 6 analog synthesizer, an Akai Force, and a mixing console.
What studio gear do you believe defines your sound?  
My analog synthesizer without hesitation!

What do you prefer, digital or analog? 
For live sets, I would go with analog of course and digital for everything else!
What has been your highlight gig this year so far?  
Sounds of melody without hesitation. On one hand, the DJs lineup was A1 and the organization was professional. On the other hand, the vibe was special! People were so enthusiastic and the energy they shared was so positive.
DJ’ing or Music Production? 
That’s a tough one! How can one choose? (laugh) But to be honest, each one of them brings me different feelings and sensations… DJ’ing remains the first love and the contact with people is priceless. On the other side, production gives you room to connect with other artists to feel your contribution in making things happen and projects grow.
What can we expect from you in the near future? 
Many projects, mainly under the Elbaraka Family label. An upcoming album, the best I’ve been working on so far. Some abroad gigs and many more surprises. Stay tuned and follow me on IG to have all the details you need.

Mr. ID feat. Andile Mbili “Black Diamond” is out now on Buddha Bar
Grab it here