What’s good and bad in your world?

Ben: Well, the bad seems to be in the rear view mirror…the pandemic set us back almost two years in launching DISTRIKT Sound! Right now everything is going great, and we are setting up events to showcase all of the artists we are signing to the label. Our release “Eaze The Pressure” just dropped and our 2022 events have been packed, so we can’t complain!

When did you first meet?

Jordan: We originally met at Lightning in a Bottle, and Kramer and Ben took me in and basically adopted me for the weekend, haha. We instantly connected over snarky humor and festival pranks and then really bonded at Burning Man almost 3 years ago and have become close friends.

Why did you get on? What made you friends?

Jordan: We both love a lot of the same music, have a similar sense of humor and like talking shit. Not to mention DISTRIKT was a huge inspiration to me during my first year at Burning Man back when I first went in 2012. It’s been pretty cool getting to know Ben & Kramer and becoming a part of DISTRIKT over the past few years.

Do you have similar musical interests? Is that why you work together?

Ben: Yes we do, we like a lot of the same music and have a lot of the same interests. It makes it easy to find a creative direction that we are both happy with.

What inspired the new ep on DISTRIKT Sound?

Ben: We wanted the EP to have a vintage nostalgia vibe to it, since Jordan was heavily influenced growing up in the 90’s and Ben grew up throwing parties in the 90’s.

Do you dj back to back or will you? Would that work do you think?

Jordan: We have not done a B2B yet but it’s definitely overdue. I think we’d gel really well behind the decks, since we know each others styles so well. Who knows maybe we will do our first one in Denver on August 6th for our first label showcase event.

What was the last tune you bought and why?

Jordan: Man, I don’t know…I buy so much great music all at once, it’s hard to tell you what the last tune was. I can say I have been digging whatever the label “NO ART” is doing.

m.O.N.R.O.E. & Ben Seagren “Eaze The Pressure” is out now in DISTRIKT Sound
Grab it here

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