LouLou Players has been a regular fixture in Belgian’s nightlife for over ten years. He’s released on such labels like Suara, Nurvous, Bunny Tiger, King Kong and also his own label that he runs with Kolombo – LouLou record.

LouLou Players has his own residency series at Tantra Ibiza called ‘MUSIC PLEASE’ which you can catch him playing at on 27th August and 10th September.

We had a chat with the man himself about his ‘MUSIC PLEASE’ party and more….

Thanks so much for speaking with us today. Throughout the Summer your MUSIC PLEASE residency has been taking place in Ibiza. How have you enjoyed the experience so far?

It was a first experience for me and it has been really interesting! I have been really excited to promote our events over here. Ibiza is such a hard territory to work on, as the competition is huge. But at the end, I realize that lot of people are talking about our events. The fact to bring Kolombo, Loulou records and I on a regular basis on the island was a premiere! So I’m really looking forward to the next step!

You’ve invited a host of guests to the show, many are good friends too, right? How has the synergy between you and guests been at the shows?

From the very first second I started to work on the project this was my aim. I really wanted to bring friends and people I like to work with. So after discussions with venues owners, we finally arrived to this cool line up!
We had lot of fun with our guests , and I’m really looking forward to the 2 last parties!

What’s been your highlight from the residency?

My highlight was definitely the fact to meet lot of great people on the island! I have made amazing connections with people working over here! the promotion teams, venues crew, promotors. Ibiza is such a great place for DJs as we can meet lot of our colleagues-friends easily! The energy is just huge!

How do you anticipate the closing party in September to be?

We will welcome the Greek master Cj Jeff and Roma from Belgium! I’m sure this will be again an amazing connection between people! This is my aim with this project, I love seeing people talking, exchanging, making connections!

If you could play one track to lift a crowd, what would it be and why?

At the moment, i can’t stop playing the upcoming ep on Loulou records from Julio Garcia! Those 4 tracks are just killer, and the crowd reaction is always massive!

How did you and Kolombo first meet?

A bit cliche, but let’s say it.. We met at our local records store hahah

Who’s been the single biggest inspiration to your music career?

Kevin Saunderson has always been my ultimate master!

When your in the studio, whats your favourite piece of equipment to use?

Without a doubt, my dave smith Mopho

What plans do you have following the Summer, will you be at ADE?

September will be more quiet, I will spend days in studio and will for sure go one week break in Italian Alps. After that i will have an Argentina tour and will go straight to ADE as we are promoting our yearly Loulou records x Bunny Tiger x Animal Language showcase at the Club Up, on Wed 16! This year we will have the pleasure to welcome the master DJ Sneak as special guest!