How has 2020 started for you?


In full evolution, everything is good right now for me


What inspires you and influences you most?


Emotions first. People, moments, situations and above all listening to what is going around me.


Being Italian means you have a big melodic sound – why is that do you think?


First of all the secret is to study music theory to know what you are doing. Surely talent and passion and perseverance complete the path.


What goals, hopes and dreams do you have for the rest of your career?


At the moment I’m trying to work hard, and then seeing where that takes me


How did you chose the remixes for the Defiance EP? What are you looking for?


I met Carlos Pires a few years ago and I thought of involving him in this project because I think he is a credible and constantly growing talent. As for me I tried to outdo myself and I hope I succeeded but I won’t be the one to say it.


And what is the aim generally with the label? What is its sound?


The motto is quality not quantity. The aim is bringing something pleasant to the industry that can last over time.


What are the good and bad bits about running a label these days?


The negative aspect is that some labels should better select artists and releases, I hear many copies of the copies. On the positive side, thoughtful choices always have a great future.


Anyone you would really like to work with?


&ME, Olivier Giacomotto and Robag Wruhme are artists that I would love to have the honour of collaborating, and I hope it will happen in the future. I’m sure I could learn a lot.


How often do you look for new music and where?


I keep up to date everywhere, my ears are always pricked.


What would be your ideal party – location, set time, crowd size, day time?


Club is for me but I can’t wait to play in a festival for the first time.


Edvin Camema EP “Defiance” (incl. Carlos Pires Remix) will be released on 13th March 2020 on Moodart Records


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