Claudia Cazacu is no stranger to the electronic music scene. With remarkable talent and cutting-edge style, she has the innate ability to rock it like no other. Captivating us with her second release out on Gate Null Recordings, Claudia proves that she truly is a master of her craft, and knows how to command any dance floor.  JFK is a dark and infectious techno jam, highlighting the beautiful words of JFK’s historical speech; supported by bold and menacing beats, a glorious throbbing bassline, and mesmerizing breakdowns that’ll send you spiraling into a lovely techno frenzy.

Check out the interview below to learn more about Claudia Cazacu…


Claudia Cazacu – JFK

Artist: Claudia Cazacu
Release Date: 2016-04-18
Label: Gate Null Recordings
Catalog No.: GNR072



Interview with Claudia Cazacu

How did you first get introduced to techno? Who were some of your early influences?Living in London, I was always spoiled for choice at the weekend with clubs like Fabric or The End and the summer festivals like Global Gathering having amazing techno line-ups.

You’ve been in the UK for quite some time now. Describe the scene there. How do you feel it differs from the US?
UK is my home but weirdly I don’t get to go out here so much these days. The club scene is having a really hard time, but festivals and one-off events in warehouse locations have filled the void and offer some of the best line-ups in the world. I’ve not been to the States for a few years but it seems that the EDM bubble has burst and hopefully that means more emphasis on quality rather than lowest common denominator sounds.

Between producing music, running your radio show and heading your label ‘Haute’, you have definitely been making big moves. What advice would you give to an aspiring producer in the industry?
Work hard and be true to the music. Its not enough to stand behind the desk fist pumping, true talent and dedication always shines through.

What is your go-to jam of the moment?
Betise – Verto (My Flower Remix)

We love your new EP. What was the inspiration behind this release?
I thought the speech was really powerful and full of meaning.

Any exciting news on the horizon for the remainder of 2016?
Tracks, tracks, tracks.

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor